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Scene #9 – Reward If Found!

December 3, 2011


INT – Café.

CHRIS (Narration)

When I got up, Tom was gone.

Chris gets up in front of the police station. He looks around, not fully aware of his surroundings.

CHRIS (Narration)

Actually to be accurate, he was kidnapped. Or he left willingly. Or he might have found his life’s calling and went off to some foreign country to volunteer without telling any of his family or his friends.

(A beat.)

CHRIS (Narration)

Ok, wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he could not and cannot be found.

We see Chris put up a “LOST! Reward If Found!” poster. Camera turns to reveal a black and white picture of Tom.

CHRIS (Narration)

Perhaps the greatest lead, or the existence of this lead actually means that there would be no other leads is that Tom left without a trace.  No one saw him or at least no one remember seeing him. The strangest thing is that while I clearly remembering being taken into the station with Tom, the police didn’t remember bringing Tom in with me.

We see footage of Chris sleeping in a cell. Footage is black and white, and shot from the ceiling.  This is probably security CCTV footage from the police station. The footage is very grainy and is distorted by a large amount of picture noise. No trace of Tom here, or if Tom is in the picture, the picture is so distorted that no one can make out if he was actually there.

CHRIS (Narration)

Whoever did it had the resources to distort the footage. Or the footage was that bad to begin with. Anyway, trusting my memory and relying on my logic, whoever did it can distort the memories of the police during that very same night as well.

Chris sits down in a café. He puts his head into his hands, rather dramatically.

CHRIS (Narration)

I searched my head for what happened yesterday. We meet Aubrey. And Aubrey, the luxurious-dark-haired-language-machine, proposed to Tom. She asked to marry Tom and left. Tom said something about if Aubrey and him are meant to be, then they would bump into each other no matter what. So we started randomly walking around places.

 We see Tom and Chris trespassing properties, jay walking across roads, walking into schools, sitting in lectures, entering into homes, entering clubs, drinking a bottle a bottle of vodka in a McDonald’s washroom…

CHRIS (Narration)

I guess we shouldn’t be drinking in a women’s toilet. And then we were brought into the station. And then the police’s memories were distorted – wait a second!

Chris pulls at his hair.

CHRIS (Narration)

Wait a second! If Tom’s kidnapper can distort or even erase memories…wouldn’t they want to distort or erase my memory too?  So the police’s memory might have been accurate and my memory inaccurate. Or my memory accurate and the police’s memory accurate. Or police’s memory inaccurate and my memory inaccurate. Or –

We see a hand tap on Chris’s shoulders.



Or my memory is accurate and the police’s memory inaccurate!!

The entire café turns to look at Chris.


Sorry, just blurted my internal dialogue, sorry folks. Nothing to see. Carry on with your coffee. Or your latte. Or your – right, you get the idea.

Chris sits down.


Hey, Chris.

Aubrey is sitting across Chris. Chris gasps, rather dramatically.

Cut to Scene #10.

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  1. December 6, 2011 8:03 am

    Keep it running Bro.

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